Dedicated to flexible heating and baking industries, Keenovo manufactures and exports high quality custom designed Flexible Heaters (Silicone Rubber Heater, Kapton Heater) and Baking Products (Silicone Fiberglass Baking Mats, PTFE Oven Liner,etc.) from China to customers around the world. Read More

What is a Flexible Heater?

A flexible heater is a device that can conform to the surface where heating required and be easily bonded or adhered to other system parts. There are many varieties of flexible heaters with Silicone Rubber Heaters(Silicone heater for short) and Polyimide Film Heaters (also know as Kapton Heaters) as the most important types.

Flexible Heaters

Silicone Heaters: wire wound or etched foil vulcanized between two layers of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber.

Kapton Heaters: etched foil laminated between two layers of Kapton film.

As they are rugged, reliable, accurate, and moisture & chemical-resistant, flexible heating elements have a wide range of industrial, commercial, and military applictions where reliability, cost of effectiveness, minimum cross section, resistance to deterioration and basic flexibility are critical. Most of the flexible heaters are made to customer's specific requirments. Visit Custom Heating Solutions to know more about our custom heater design possibilities and choices you could have.

Should I Choose Silicone Heater or Kapton Heater?

Kapton Heaters(Etched Foil) are ideally suited for applications with space and weight limitations, or where the heater will be exposed to vacuum, oil, or chemicals for long time. Silicone Heaters (Wire Wound ) are ideal for small quantities and low cost sampling, or where repeated flexing is required. Start your Custom Design Process right now and Get Quotations from us.

Why Keenovo Heaters?

As one of the first manufacturers of flexible heaters in China, we understand the reliability of our heating elements to your devices,equipments,or machines can never be overemphasized, and we offer best quality at competitive price with promises: Arlon Silicone Rubber Substrate

a) We use ONLY Arlon silicone rubber substrate imported from USA and authentic Dupont Kapton film in production to provide the best heater performance and the longest serving life,especially at high temperatures and in long time heating process.

b) We offer FREE assistance in heater design to achieve an ideal thermal solution for your application.

c) Each heater is newly made to order and factory-inspected before delivery.So do NOT take any risk while you can have Keenovo as the best by your side.