Enclosure Heater

Enclosure heaters, sometimes called cabinet heaters, are used to protect customer enclosure /cabinet against problems caused by temperature variations or moisture such as condensation. Keenovo offers several innovative cabinet heating solution, standard or customized. All of them make use of silicone heating technology.

Silicone heaters are attached to the anodized aluminum plate/profile either by factory vulcanization or with PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) which allows customer to attach the customized silicone heaters on their own parts. It is recommended that the enclosure heater be used with a thermostat either built-in or mounted remotely to limit the maximum temperature reached and conserve energy.Enclosure Heater

Features over traditional enclosure heater:

Design Flexibility: We can design heaters that will fit the customer enclosure best regarding the space limit, mounting method, power demand, thermal control etc.
Hermetically Sealed:The heating elements are fully sealed in layers of silicone rubber which keep them isolated from the air and moisture, avoid oxidation, and lead to much longer life time.
Larger Heating Area: The aluminum profile/plates on which the heating elements bonded on tightly serve as an efficient heat sink and offer larger heating area. They also lower the load so the heater will run cooler and last longer.

Typical applications

• Electrical box
• ATM machines
• Control cabinet
• Anti-flocculation box
• Traffic signal
• Lighting box
• Vending machine

Heating Plate Enclosure Heater

• Pre-drilled standard mounting holes for easy installation
• Double insulation of moisture proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber, suitable for harsh environment
• Optional with built-in thermostat
• Wide operating temperature range: -50°C to 250°C
• Horizontal or vertical mounting
• Customization possible


• Rated Voltage: 110/220V
• Dielectric Strength: 2000V/min
• Insulation Resistance: >50M
• Working temperature: -60°C -- 250 °C

Model Size Voltage Power Thickness
ESH-0915 90*150mm 220V 30/50/75/100W 2.85mm
ESH--1218 120*185mm 220V   100/150/200W 2.85mm
ESH--1928 190*280mm 220V 50/75/100/200/300W 2.85mm
ESH--0523 50*230mm  110/120/220V 80/100/120W   3mm
ESH--1023 100*230mm 220V 50/75/100W   2.85mm
ESH--2030 200*300mm 220V 200/300W 2.85mm

Customized Enclosure Heater

Fully customized heaters that exactly fit customer applications, from small enclosures to big cabinets.