Silicone Heater
Durable and precise, silicone rubber heaters are the most widely used flexible heaters and available in a virtually unlimited range of configurations and geometry's....More+
Kapton Heater
Semi-transparent, flexible and extremely thin with excellent dielectric strength, Polyimide (Kapton) film is ideally suited for the manufacture of etched foil heaters, hence the name Kapton heater....More+
Enclosure Heater
Enclosure heaters, sometimes called cabinet heaters, are used to protect customer enclosure /cabinet against problems caused by temperature variations or moisture such as condensation....More+
Silicone Drum Heater
Keenovo drum and pail heaters can provide practical,efficient means of freeze protection,viscosity control and maintenance of materials at elevated temperatures....More+
Silicone Heating Tape
These general purpose flexible heating tapes consist of reinforced fiberglass silicone rubber and heating element, with features of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, good thermal conductivity, and other common advantages....More+
Explosion-Proof Silicone Heater
Explosion proof heaters are available from Keenovo to meet your special considerations such as auto-ignition points for hazardous environments....More+
Silicone Baking Mat
Baking has never been so easy! Made of fiberglass and food grade silicone, this baking mat works wonderfully as baking pan liner or as a working surface because of its non-stick surface....More+
PTFE Baking Liner
With a thick coating of PTFE ( Teflon™) on fine knitted fiberglass , you may use our versatile oven liners an oven liner,baking liner as well as a movable cook surface or a prep. surface. ...More+