Kapton Heater

Semi-transparent, flexible and extremely thin with excellent dielectric strength, Polyimide (Kapton™) film is ideally suited for the manufacture of etched foil heaters, hence the name Kapton heater.kapton heater

Kapton heaters have low thermal mass and excellent resistance to most chemicals, and allow high power densities(8w/cm2) with fast and efficient thermal transfer. Where fast response, chemical resistance is required or applications with space and weight limitations such as as satellites and aerospace equipment, kapton heaters offer the ideal solution.

Kapton heaters can also be exposed to vacuum with low out gassing and to radiation. Read More about Custom Heating Solutions.


• Light, ultra thin, precise,rugged and reliable
• Transparent with easy visual inspection on the internal structures.
• Moisture, oil and chemical resistant
• suitable for vacuum or radiation applications
• Very small sizes available

Kapton Heater Data Sheet
Structure: Heating element(etched foil) laminated between two layers of kapton film
Insulation Material: Polyimide (Kapton™) film
Heating Elements:  Etched Foil
Supply Voltage:  0~400V
Max. Operating Temp.: 200 Deg C or 392 Deg F
Min. Element Temp.:  -200 Deq C or -328 Deg F
Max.Power Density: 7.8w/
Standard Thickness: 0.3 mm
Minimum bend radius: 0.8 mm
Thermal Protection & Control: Surface mount thermal fuse, thermostat, thermistor and PT100
Power Leads: High temperature PTFE or Silicone  insulation leads