Silicone Baking Mat

Baking has never been so easy!

Made of fiberglass and food grade silicone, this baking mat works wonderfully as baking pan liner or as a working surface because of its non-stick surface which makes it very easy to clean. Its ultimate non-stick properties are suitable for sugar, chocolate, and confectioner work, as well as cookies and cakes. It is effective for baking or freezing and can be used at temperatures varying from -40 to + 260 Deg. C.Silicone Baking Mat


• Made of food grade non-toxic silicone rubber with reinforced inner fiberglass fabric  
• FDA or LFGB certified
• Standing temperature: -40 ~ 260 Deg. C.
• Can go directly from your freezer to your oven.
• Both sides as non-stick working surface.
• Reusable. 2,000 to 3,000 times depending on use and care
• No greasing or special maintenance is necessary when baking
• Quickly and easily cleaned with a sponge.
• Easily store flat or rolled,.
• Border colors, logo printing, packing and dimensions can be made according to customers' requirement.

Using Care:

It is preferable to roll the mat rather than to fold it for storage. No greasing or special maintenance is necessary. Clean with a sponge under warm tap water. Do not use on open flame. The mat is safe to use in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher. It can withstand sudden temperature changes from the freezer directly into a preheated oven or microwave.

How to Order:

Please inform us about the following details for ordering.

• Dimensions
• Border Color
• Certificate Standard: FDA, LFGB or others
• Order Quantity
• Packaging: color paper, display box

Popular Sizes:

Silicone baking mat sizes/Toaster Oven Size
Toaster Oven Size
7-7/8” x 10-13/16” (200 x 275 mm)
Fits 8” x 11” Toaster Pan
Silicone baking mat sizes/Petite Jelly Roll size Petite Jelly Roll
8-1/4” x 11-3/4” (205 x 295 mm)
Fits 9” x 13” Pan
Silicone baking mat sizes/Medium Size Medium Size
10” x 14-3/8” (240 x 365 mm)
Fits 10-1/4” x 15-1/4” Pan
Silicone baking mat sizes/U.S. Half Size U.S. Half Size
11-5/8” x 16-1/2” (295 x 420 mm)
Fits 13” x 18” Pan
Silicone baking mat sizes/US Full Size U.S. Full Size
16-1/2” x 24-1/2” (420 x 620 mm)
Fits 18” x 26” Pan