PTFE Baking Liner

With a thick coating of PTFE ( Teflon™) on fine knitted fiberglass , you may use our versatile oven liners not only as an oven liner --as the name suggesting but also as a movable cook surface or a prep. surface. They can be made into rolls and you may cut from it to suit your various pans, ovens, BBQ, etc.
PTFE Baking Liner

• Made of PTFE and fiberglass;
• Nonstick coating on both sides prevent sticking without applying oils, grease, sprays or butter, easy cleaning and re-usable.
• Prevents spills and debris accumulation in toaster oven;
• Can be cut to fit any size
• Good temperature durability, from -70~260 Deg C, maximum to 380 Deg C temporary.

Versatility of Use

1. A Movable Cook Surface :
• Use a scissors to cut it to your desired shapes and sizes. 
• Place in bottom of pots, fry pans, cookie sheets, baking pans, flat grills, plates etc.
• Place food on it and cook as desired.
• When cooled, wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
• It is reusable, over and over.

2. An Oven Liner: Electric Ovens - Place on bottom of oven floor or on bottom rack. Gas Ovens-Place on bottom rack only. Do not place on bottom floor of oven.

3. A Prep. Surface: Use to roll pastry dough. Decreases the need for excessive flour.

How to Order

Please specify the following info for ordering:
• Dimensions
• Thickness
• Order Quantity
• Packaging: color paper, display box