The history of Keenovo can be traced back to the 1980s when Jinnuo Silicone Products Factory was established in Jiangsu Province. It was a time when only state-owned Foreign Trading Companies were allowed to do exporting in Mainland China. Jinuo served as the manufacturing base for dozens of trading companies and accumulated abundant & precious experience as a high standard manufacturer during that period before it begun to export worldwide in the late 1990s.In 2005, it was restructured and incorporated as Keenovo International Group Limited and relocated to Shanghai.


Now, Keenovo is not only involved with manufacturing, and exporting high quality Flexible Heaters (Silicone Rubber Heater,Kapton Heater) and Baking Products (Silicone Fiberglass Baking Mats, PTFE Oven Liner,etc.) from China to customers around the world, but also assumes responsibility for complete product development including pattern and package design.


Moving forward, Keenovo will further develop its core businesses and strive to become the market leader in this industry. The success of its core businesses will stimulate the further growth of the entire company and create a broader development space.

Our Competitive Advantages

Providing good service to our customers in all areas is always Keenovo's top priority. Our company takes pride in both our competitive pricing as well as our excellent service record. We realize that these are important concerns to potential customers.To us, Customers always come first and we always endeavor to reduce our customers' Sourcing, Financial, and Time costs------ All these are possible as Keenovo itself is the manufacturer as well as the exporter.

Quality is a main factor besides price that our customers take into consideration.We have been maintaining a high quality standard in all production areas and packaging. We also have a group of quality controllers who rotate within our factories to inspect our merchandise regularly.

Prompt Delivery is another element that our customers will evaluate when they consider our services. Normally, delivery lead time for our customers' orders is 20 - 30 days after receipt of order confirmation. We know that if there is a delay in the delivery it will affect our customers' advertising program or other special promotion campaign. Therefore, maintaining an on time delivery is also our goal in servicing our customers in a better way. And we work with your freight forwarders to minimize cost and maintain shipping schedules.

Keenovo's commitment to quality service doesn't end with the delivery of product to your locations. We offer other free value-added services in information gathering, sales consulting, products and factory inspection to our customers so as to reduce their Sourcing, Financial, and Time Costs.