Industrial Applications of Flexible Heaters

Keenovo custom designs and manu
factures flexible heaters for an almost endless list of different applications in different fields. Our heaters warm batteries in telecommunication cabinets, dry the ink in silk screening machines, cure the film on airplane windshields, heat laboratory samples, or maintain an animal's body heat during veterinary operations.

Flexible heater's use generally falls into four applications:
Process Heat 
Freeze Protection
Condensation Protection
Composite Bonding

The following table and pictures present examples and application areas where flexible heaters have been successfully applied:
Aerospace Fluid recovery Military Defense
Aircraft comfort heaters Food service equipment Mirror heaters
Animal  feeders Food trays Outdoor antenna
ATM machines Gas analyzers Outdoor security
Autoclaves Guidance systems Packaging machinery
Automotive Graphic arts equipment Photo processing
Battery heaters Gyroscopes Power systems
Breath Analyzers Hand-held scanners Refrigeration equipment
Camera lens cover Imagers Remote controlled surveillance
Chemical analyzers Incubators Respirator equipment
Chromatography Industrial computing Satellites
Cockpit instrumentation Large motors Semiconductor equipment
Computer memory Laminators Semiconductor test modules
Conveyors Large motors Storage tanks
Copy machines Laser printing Touch screens
De-icing LCD screen pre-heating Unmanned vehicles
DNA thermalcycling Liquid reservoirs Vacuum chambers
Drum heaters Livestock feed/water Vending machines
Electrostatic chucks Medical diagnostics X-Ray processing


Heat Source of Musical Intrument Molds Heat Source of Hot Pressures Heater for Liquid Dispenser
Anti-freeze Heating of Parabolic Antenna Anti-freeze Heating of Oil Pressure Unit Preheating for Gas Pipe Peeling
Aircraft Maintenance Heating Hot plate of Laboratory Equipments Heating for Powder Dehumidfying
Hot Plate of Coffee Maker Tube and Tank Heating Heater in High Speed Printer