Silicone Heating Tape

These general purpose flexible heating tapes consist of reinforced fiberglass silicone rubber and heating element, with features of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, good thermal conductivity, and other common advantages of flexible silicone heaters. They can be wound around laboratory pipes, beakers, tubing, and valves as trace heating .silicone heating band/tape

Using Tips

When applying, the flat side of the heating tape should be in closely contact with the dielectric surfaces of pipes or other heat sink. It is encouraged to add an insulating layer outside the heating tape to reduce heat loss and save energy. Overlap wrapping is strictly forbidden or it will cause overheat damage.


                                 SHT-A Silicone Heating Tape
Model Voltage  Power  Length  Width
SHT--A261 220V 75w 1m   26 mm
SHT--A2625 200w 2.5m
SHT--A264 300w 4m
SHT--A2610 750w 10m
SHT--A121 30w 1m 12 mm
SHT--A1225 75w 2.5m
SHT--A1210 300 10m

                             SHT--B Silicone Heating Tape
Model Voltage Power   Length Width
SHT--B0261 220V 100w 1m 26 mm
SHT--B0262 200w 2m
SHT--B0263 300w 3m
SHT--B0264 400w 4m
SHT--B0151 50w 1m 15 mm
SHT--B0152 100w 2m
SHT--B0153 150w 3m
SHT--B0154 200w 4m

Note: can be made as per your requestments.