Explosion-Proof Silicone Heater

Explosion proof heaters are available from Keenovo to meet your special considerations such as auto-ignition points for hazardous environments.Explosion Proof Drum Heater

Designed and manufactured according to increased-safety explosion-proof requirements and approved for division1, 2 and explosive gas(T3 group) in hazardous areas, they are ideal for applications of process heating, heat preservation and anti-freezing of oil tank, reaction column, distillation column and containers in the industries of petroleum, chemicals, foodstuff, machinery, etc.


• Fast & even heating , high thermal effiency and good heat transfer;
• Strong adaptability;
• Suitable for indoor, outdoor and hazardous areas of Division1, 2 and explosive gas(T3 group) ;
• Safe and reliable, long life time
• Light weight, easy installation;
• Can be made as per your requests;

CAUTION: Please contact us if they are to be installed on temperature sensitive non-metallic drums/vessels, or materials contained in the drums/vessels are highly temperature sensitive.